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The availability of sales jobs in Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon is growing. A lot of companies are been set up in these cities. Right from Banks, FMCGs, Ecommerce, Healthcare to Staffing Agencies are aggressively spreading their roots here. Job opportunities are plenty, all you have to do is get prepared yourself before you apply for a job.

How To Get Prepared For Sales Jobs?

Firstly, you need to have a minimum of bachelor’s degree from any stream. Some organizations prefer to hire candidates with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) and other sales related field. Pursuing a master’s or MBA is necessary to land a senior-level job in sales.

4 Tips To Ensure Consistent Sales

Try To Fix An Appointment

As you find out that your prospect is interested in buying from you, try to fix an appointment as soon as possible. This is will lower the chances of your client to get disinterested and move on to another company. Let your clients know the purpose of the meeting which is, of course, to explain them more in detail about what you have for them. As the appointment is fixed, you are halfway down towards making a successful sale.

Note Down The Numbers

As a sales rep, you will be having monthly or weekly targets set by your managers. All you have to do is stay ahead of that target number. It can be the number of clients, sales amount or number of people whom you have attempted to sell. You need to know how many prospects you contacted have actually bought from you. These numbers will help your company to set realistic targets for their employees. Note down the amount of sale you have made in a month for the company, try to cross that number the next month in order to earn more incentives.

Co-ordination With Marketing Team

Marketing and sales team should go hand in hand in order to generate quality leads and measure them. The marketing team is responsible for generating leads through campaigns, these leads are then transferred to sales department after ensuring the quality of leads. Social media research can be also very helpful to reach out new clients or new communities where you can try to sell. Here, the marketing department can help you out in the right way to connect with your new prospects.


Referrals are considered as an important method for ensuring consistent sales. Most sales rep find it awkward to ask for referrals, but if you do it the way you can skip that awkwardness. Ask for referrals when the meeting is about to get over, and portray it as it is a part of your work routine. Ask them in a very polite tone, something like “will you like to refer someone whom we can help as we did for you” or “please let us know if anyone needs us to resolve their issues”. Adjust your referral pitch according to the type of service/product you are dealing in.

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