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Which Of Your Employees Should Have Keys to The Office and Which Should Not?

Giving your employees a key to the office is a big decision. While it will alleviate the need for you to be the only one that can unlock and lock your office each day, you do need to give the keys to the right employees to avoid issues later on. If you aren’t sure who should and shouldn’t get a key, check out this guide below.

Who Should Have Keys?

Openers and Closers

Unless you want to be there at open and close each day, your openers and closers need to have keys to the door. They are often the first ones at the business or the last ones to leave at night. Even if a manager tends to work with them, you should still get them a key just in case the manager misplaces theirs or there are other issues.


Most businesses give each of their managers a key. Even if a particular manager doesn’t normally open or close the business, you may find that there are still times where they need to be called in at the last minute to fill a position or shift that they normally wouldn’t have. You don’t want to have to run to the office on your day off to let them in just because they don’t have a key.

Who Should Not Have Keys?

New Employees

It is almost never a good idea to give new employees a key. Having a key is a big responsibility, and new employees need to earn the right to have one. You should wait at least several months before giving them a key. Before you do give them a key, make sure they know all the rules and responsibilities that come with it.

Seasonal Employees

It’s not uncommon for seasonal employees to just work a few weeks or months at a time. Because of this, they shouldn’t be given a key. A lot of seasonal employees end up quitting abruptly once they find more steady employment. You really don’t want someone to have a key to your office that ends up quitting at the last minute.

No matter which employees you give office keys to, you may also want to keep the number of a local locksmith on hand. If employees end up locked out of the building for any reason and a key isn’t readily accessible, a locksmith can let them in quickly. If an employee quits and doesn’t return their keys, you’ll want to have your locksmith rekey your building’s locks to keep your security tight.

Giving some of your employees keys can keep you from having to unlock and lock the door to your office every single day. However, you shouldn’t just give a key to everyone. You need to make sure that you choose the right employees to give the office keys to so that you will know that your office is safe at all times.

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