Home Finance Which is the Best Saving Scheme in India for Investing?


Investments are perhaps the biggest risks and that may also turn out to be the security of your life. Most of the investors are specific in their quest for safe investment choices and schemes in India. Best saving scheme in India is actually dependent on how tactfully you handle the situations and how wisely you invest. Perhaps savings bank account are much safer investment option than other. And even then, your money will not earn any return.

In fact, it will not even survive the unpredictable effects of inflation. Therefore you may really lose money in a savings account in terms of purchasing power. Low-income earners find it a problem in deciding their best options for investment but there are certain fruitful solutions to their problems as well.

As far as investment plan is concerned, it is perhaps the ideal option for the investors who want to gain money and also enjoy the goal of saving taxes. And most importantly, this is very much applicable for the low income earners. Life insurance is supposed to be the best investment option. The main benefit, it offers financial safety to the policyholders and their nominee or family.

Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits are yet another secured and one of the best saving options in India. This has no alternative. Safe investments are definitely required for the low income earners and that helps them save a good amount of money and also ensure security at the same time. The ones who don’t have the capability to take risks, this option is ideal for them.

As far as life insurance is concerned, this is perhaps the best saving scheme in India and it has proven to be so time and again. The other investment plans that help a low income earner also are public provident fund, investing a Mutual Fund, post office saving schemes, unit linked insurance plans and so on. The public provident fund is one of the safest ones and is helpful for long term investments. This is one of the best investments for low income earners. This comes as a great profit and security for low income earners. This is, of course, one of the wisest saving options in India. The individuals who are keen on investing in bonds and equity with a balance of risk and return generally judge to invest in mutual Fund. This investment plan has been a successful one so far that has given the better return as compared to all other investment choices in the market.

Post office savings scheme is also one of the most recommended investment plans that help the low income earners save to a great extent. This is actually the best investment plan for monthly income which is very suitable for the low income earners with regular income requirements. This particular Govt. saving scheme is risk free but the rate of interest is not high. Unit linked insurance plans especially invest in debt & equities markets. The fluctuation is counted by the net asset value. It is lesser known but, plays a vital role in the investment market. Most importantly, the low income earners are well benefited from this plan. This can be considered as one of the affordable investments for low-income earners.

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