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What Are The Major Cost Differences Between Retirement Communities and Aging In Place?

Even for those seniors who have the desire to “age in place” and stay in their own homes, often health and other factors can interfere with that dream. If that happens, the time may have come to consider a retirement community.

At first, it may seem impossible to fit that cost into your life if the necessary funds are not readily available on a monthly basis, but the following are some of the reasons why a community or facility may be the answer after all and that a majority of the costs can be paid from what you are already spending.

Housing Costs

Even if your home is totally free of encumbrances, there is still a long list of expenses that you have to face on a regular basis when you are a homeowner. Every portion of a home, both inside and outside, is the responsibility and cost that belongs to the owner. There are often repairs or replacements inside having to do with plumbing, air conditioning and heating, painting, cleaning, appliances, and more. Outside, the property usually means hiring a lawn service, pest control, and perhaps an occasional landscaper or tree trimmer. A retirement community usually pays for most of those services.

Home Keeping

Once a homeowner cannot physically do all those chores, it means having to hire someone on a regular basis to come in to vacuum, mop, dust, change beds, do laundry, and whatever else is necessary. In a retirement facility, those things are normally included.


Eating three meals a day is a huge expense. When living independently in your home, add up all that is paid for groceries and meal deliveries. That does not include having to make and clean up after those meals. At most retirement communities, your meals are provided, usually with a choice of menu items to suit different tastes and to give variety.

Medical Care

Instead of having the constant worry about, “What if something happens to me when I am alone?”, in a community or facility there is a way to contact someone right on the property to come to assist you or to call for emergency help. Not only is that a mental and physical relief, but that also can eliminate the cost of a monthly life support system at home.

Yes, it would take time, effort, and research to determine the different conclusions that you have to make regarding your future, but it is well worth it when you are forced to make a choice.

In addition to your own research, you can consult with the staff at your doctor’s office, hospital, county, community centers, relatives, neighbors, friends, and even acquaintances. Ask them for recommendations of places that fit your requirements. Watch the ads on television, in the local newspaper, and online for what seems to be a possibility. Then start making trips to the ones who seem likely, and see the details for yourself.

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