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Weigh Your Options When Choosing An Elevator Maintenance Company

Safety and reliability is paramount to elevators which are also the single largest asset of any building. Considering the high cost coupled with the safety aspects, selecting a service provider entails some good amount of application of mind so that these aspects as well as the budgetary requirements are all satisfied. The problem that might arise is when you come across a service provider whom you feel competent enough to take up the job but that company might not have installed your system.  Deciding on the best elevator repair company in NYC is therefore not an easy job. It is better to know the options that are available and then take a decision.

There are three options that you have to choose from.  You can rely on manufacturers for maintenance services, select a third party for maintaining it or do it on your own. Let us study in detail what you can get from each of these sources.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

It is quite obvious that the original equipment manufacturer is the best bet for maintaining elevators. The reason is that they have complete access to the technology that has been used in the elevator and more so if it is proprietary equipment. The tools and gadgets that are required for maintenance are not available anywhere outside. The design and operating system is best known by the manufacturer and they only have ready spare parts that actually reduce downtime.  You have peace of mind that the elevator is in safe hands but it will be expensive.

Weigh Your Options When Choosing An Elevator Maintenance Company

Non Manufacturer Companies

This is a cheaper option but has to be handled with care. There are many companies that specialize in elevator maintenance only but are not manufacturers.  Such companies are available almost at all places but you have to do a complete evaluation of their abilities to assess how good they are in reducing downtime, meeting all statutory compliances and ensuring  timely availability of spares.

Other Manufacturers

There are many manufacturers other than original equipment manufacturers (OEM) who are interested in elevator maintenance.  Being manufacturers, these companies can be relied upon as their quality of service is comparable with the OEMs and perhaps they are better placed in certain geographical areas to provide service. Since almost all manufacturers are keen to pursue maintenance contracts, you can get a good bargain in the process without compromising the quality of services.

Self Maintained

It has to be admitted that elevator maintenance is not cheap. Many large establishments take the responsibility of maintaining elevators on their own with the purpose of reducing maintenance cost. The decision is taken on the basis o availability of skilled and trained technicians and the overall economics.  But trying this option can pose some difficulties in ensuring compliance and arranging for spare parts. Handling by non certified technicians can be a demerit for future maintenance in case you want to switch over to some service provider.

When it comes to seeking a best elevator repair company in NYC, always work out your elevator maintenance budget by keeping in mind that lower costs are accompanied by increased risks. Striking a balance between the two can give good results.

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