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Using A Solicitor To Claim Compensation For A Cycling Accident

Accident compensation packages vary in size, according to the type and severity of injury that you suffer, and any additional costs that you incur as a result of the accident. It is important that you receive a fair compensation package, otherwise you may find that you are left out of pocket, or that you are forced to return to work sooner than you should in order to make ends meet. Using a solicitor that is experienced in the type of accident that you have suffered will help ensure that this is the case.

The lack of protection offered to cyclists means that accidents involving bikes can lead to serious injuries. Even if you were wearing a helmet, which is not yet a legal requirement, it is possible that you have suffered head injury or some other serious injury that could mean you miss a lengthy spell at work or that you have to pay for private medical care to ensure the best possible recovery. Only with compensation can you be sure that you won’t have to foot the bill for your recovery yourself.

Using A Solicitor To Claim Compensation For A Cycling Accident

A portion of the compensation that is calculated for you will be to compensate you for the suffering that you endured. This is calculated according to the type of injury or injuries that you suffered, which parts of the body were affected, and the severity of those injuries. An injury that is expected to heal quickly with no lasting damage will typically have little or no compensation figure, while a serious injury that impedes movement for a long period of time will usually attract a much larger figure.

Using an experienced solicitor means that they will have a better understanding of exactly what you should expect in compensation, and they will be able to enjoy a greater chance of success when fighting to receive the money. They will be able to gather the evidence needed, and put this forward in such a way that the courts will be more inclined to award compensation to you.

Some solicitors can also help throughout the claims process. They will be able to arrange to have your bike examined by a professional engineer and ensure that it is repaired at a reputable repair shop. They will take into account any aftermarket parts and accessories that were damaged, and therefore make sure that your bike is in the same state of repair and to the same standard as it was before the accident. Some solicitors, insurers, and even courts do not fully understand the cost of aftermarket parts especially, and may only attribute a portion of the true value if your solicitor does not do their job effectively.

A claims management company of solicitors may also be able to arrange for private healthcare, while also ensuring that you receive interim payments to help cover the costs while you wait for the full compensation package. They will also calculate the cost of any home modifications and other costs to ensure that you get everything you need.

Carry On Cycling is a team of experienced solicitors that are also keen cyclists. They have a clear understanding of a bike’s value and the potential cost of a cycling accident, and can help submit a compensation claim that is fair and reasonable.

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