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Top 5 Things You Need to Start A Pizzeria

Pizza is the perfect food for every occasion. Loved by many, there are never enough pizza joints in a city to cover demand at any particular point. After pinpointing a great location with a decent amount of traffic and with everything signed and ready, there’s a need to purchase some things before you start operations. Here are the top 5 things you need to start a pizzeria.

Planetary Mixer

Big and small pizzerias need to have versatility in the equipment they buy in the initial investment. Planetary mixers detachment area can cater to the needs in question, and you can change the detachment to a slicer, shredder, whip, paddle, and overall mixer. It works well in mixing sauces, and mixing dough, amongst many other things. Since it offers the same quality & shape as a master chef, it makes the right dough. It’s small enough for a small pizzeria matching production needs when starting.


There are different size pizzeria ovens that pizzerias can pick from. Depending on the size of the establishment, it may be ideal to go for an oven that can handle multiple orders at a time. There are many different options for ovens, from gas to wood like the ones from Wood Fired Pizza Oven Worldwide WPPOLLC, all work well as it can maintain high temperatures while cooking the pizzas, reducing the time to cook pizza. A wood-fired oven does allow for an authentic flavor that is baked in as the ingredients come together for a smoky, tasty perfection.

Pizza Prep Table

A commercial-grade pizza preparation table is a must-buy item needed to start a pizzeria. It works to combine a storage and preparation area for storing dough or other ingredients. They usually have a top refrigerated area, perfect for temporary dough storage to avoid it getting spoiled. Choose one made of pure stainless steel. Size is a key factor, as a long table can help you and your employees prepare multiple pizzas at a time.

Dough Box

The texture and taste of pizza are both dependent on the dough. Dough boxes are helpful as they provide sanitary areas for temporary storage for the dough. They usually accommodate multiple dough balls. Items commonly used in making dough boxes are fiberglass or plastic and are usually sized the same way as dough pans.

Dough Divider and Rounder

A dough divider will ensure that the dough is in the exact sizes needed, optimizing the dough saving money in the long run. The rounder will press on the dough for a well-rounded and uniform dough ready for toppings. It will save time and lots of labor expenses in the future while presently getting the pizzas uniform.

Remember that what you are about to begin will take hard work, but more importantly, will also bring a lot of smiling faces and happy bellies in your area.

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