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When so ever one wants to download some app or games from the google play store, the first thing that it asks for is a certain amount for each and every app or games. Though some of them are free but most of them are chargeable and one needs to pay that amount in order to get that app. Not only games but even watching videos and tele- vision shows needs a certain amount to be paid. Now what if one does not want to pay for these apps? Well, one can use the free gift card codes and get going with the download. How to get free gift cards? There are various authorized site that generates free gift card codes for the users. The step to be followed for the generation of the code is very simple and is absolutely free.


Who so ever wants to get free gift card code can simply login to an authorized and genuine web site, and follow the easy instructions. This process normally includes three steps. The first step is the one in which one has to share the site or the app on face book or google plus or any other recommended social networking site. Then the next step is verifying the captcha. One needs to enter the captcha shown on the screen in the same way it is displayed. This step is carried out to confirm that the user knows exactly what he or she is doing and is not a robot. After the verification is done one just needs to click on the ‘generate’ button and then take down the free gift card code that has been generated. After getting the code, one can open the google play store and decide which app to download and use the code for getting the app or the game.

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