Home Business STARTUP LIFE: Great Tips For Surviving The First Two Years

All businessmen know that running a startup can be a very challenging task, especially when everything is new to you. Although the media likes to highlight the fun of working at a startup, the truth is that startup life is no easy at all. Don’t despair – play your cards right and you will learn and earn more in one year than your friends that are working at large, yet more traditional companies.

One-third of new businesses can’t survive the first two years. While the first year may be all about setting the foundations and getting started, it is the second year when you expect to see the growth. We wanted to help you, so for today, we have some great for surviving the first two years.

  • ESTABLISH A HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENT – The office environment is of a huge importance as it has an impact on the overall function of the business. And the office should be more than a desk with a laptop. Learn how to align your employees with the place they work.
  • FIND YOUR WORK-LIFE BALANCE – If you are getting sick a lot, feeling exhausted all the time, feeling helpless, or having bad sleeping and eating habits, you are probably working too much. Working overtime can actually damage productivity in the long term. So, as a startup leader, you should make a balance – get enough rest, exercise and hang out with your friends.
  • LEARN HOW TO HIRE – Your company will thrive only if there are good employees. A bad hire can knock your business back by a couple of years. Some studies show that doing the second or even third interviews is definitely not a waste of time.
  • BUILD GREAT WORK PROCESSES – The problems and challenges that come up and the way you deal with workflow will depend on the processes you adopt for your business. If you want to create order from chaos, you will need to synchronize the facilities, knowledge, information, technologies and people. Without well-defined processes, your startup will lose direction.
  • COMMIT TO GREAT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES – If you want to be successful, you need to start with the right product or services. It is all about the products or services you are offering. Think about their development. Consider what people want now and what will want in near future. If you have some answers, you are on track.
  • PROTECT YOUR COMPANY – Locking the doors of your office at night is not enough. You need to secure all the valuable data – whether it is your accounts, client info, sales leads, etc. Shop around for cloud providers if you don’t want to face with data loss.

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