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Scary Halloween Decorations That Make Your House Scream

Boo! Halloween is swiftly approaching and it’s almost time to transform your happy home into a house of horrors. here’s

Here are a few of the season’s most blood-curdling and scream-provoking finds.

A Batch of Bones and Body Parts

The Forensics Lab on CSI will seem ho-hum after a glimpse of your limb-laden lawn. Yes, nothing sparks an ear-piercing “eek!” more efficiently than a pile of blood-smeared stray arms, legs, and internal organs.

Don’t have any amputated parts kicking around the house? You may wish to opt for the Bloody Body Parts Package Deal, a set which includes a severed foot, leg, arm, hand, and head, plus a brain, torso, and heart–complete with all the gore. The Cut-off Head Prop Halloween Decoration from Nightmare Factory is perfect for any fan of freaky bulging eyes. And, if you prefer your body parts to be meat-free, Shop Anatomical’s twelve pound Bag of Bones set will send your trick-or-treaters screaming in the other direction.

Undead Ugliness

If you prefer your carnage to remain (somewhat) intact, The Walking (or crawling or simply lying in a heap) Dead may create the scary setting you desire. As an added bonus, your trendy zombie theme will appease the Halloween hipsters and costumed critics.

The Bloody Death Bed Zombie Skeleton Prop comes complete with the partial remains of a latex member of the undead and a blood-splattered bed sheet. The Headless Zombie is shocked to find that he is holding his own head–which is no longer attached to his neck–and stands 30″ tall. And what zombie decor would be complete without a Bleeding Zombie Halloween Candy Bowl? None, that’s what.

Scary Halloween Decorations That Make Your House Scream

Noggin-less Nastiness

If decapitation dreadfulness is what you crave, keep your cool–and your head. There are headless Halloween decorations aplenty to satisfy your yen.

The Motion-Activated Headless Horseman will terrify the tots. Thanks to a well-hidden motion sensor, whenever someone approaches this equine-rider, his pumpkin eyes brightly glow and he emits the fearsome sound of thundering hooves. And, standing at an impressive height of six feet–even without a head–he will terrify the jaded big kids too. The life-sized Hanging Headless Bride Decoration is poised to be posed in any petrifying position, proving that rain on your wedding day is not the worst thing that can happen to a blushing wife-to-be.

Ghostly Ghastliness

Nothing says “spooky” better than a spook, so why not splash out on a selection of specters to put a scare into your Halloween visitors.

The Sound-Activated Spinning Ghost Prop is perfect for hanging from a tree or your roofline. Whenever it detects a noise, it will start to spin and moan, while the head changes colors. If you’re a fan of fun inflatables, you will love an Inflatable Outdoor Ghost with Witch Hat. While he is not scary in the slasher-flick sense, his wonky eyes and pitiful frown will make him the most endearing decoration in your collection. And no deathly display is complete without Wayfair’s Handmade Ghosts Doormat stencilled with permanent fade-resistant dyes.

Opt for Odious Orange

Nothing says “Halloween” louder than a fearsome face carved into an unsuspecting pumpkin. But, why do what everyone else is doing when you can introduce pumpkin panic in a whole new way?

The 7′ Tall Airblown Pumpkin with Neon Ghost Halloween Prop is the perfect blend of cute and creepy. An Inflatable 15′ Halloween Grim Reaper & Pumpkin Carriage will scare the neighborhood kiddies into walking on the other side of the street. And the Holiday Specs 25-Count Indoor/Outdoor LED Globe Orange Constant Halloween String Lights will add Halloween’s haunting hue to every nook and cranny of your house of horrors.

All Hallows’ Eve is sneaking up on you quickly. Before your street is lined with goblins and ghouls, be sure to take the hominess out of your home and opt, instead, for a sinister scene of shivers and screams and the ingredients for horrifying dreams.

What is your favorite Halloween Decoration?

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