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Samsung Galaxy S9 With An Amazing Display: Coming Soon

Samsung Galaxy S8 has got all appreciation from the world because of its amazing display, however, theirs is something that has bothered us – how the third-party applications from Google Play with a non-standard aspect ratio from the screen will work? And they work just fine, and it bothered Koreans. If you downloaded the app from the Market, and the developer has not yet been optimized it for such a display – a smartphone will do everything itself. So, same trend will be set with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9.

Additionally, you get bunch of settings to optimize the display in S8. In the settings you can set how applications run in full screen mode, and some with a screen size of 5.5 inches. The same procedure can also be performed from the menu of running applications. To do this, there is present a special button. If the non-optimized applications, everything is working fine, then here is a video and games until everything is fine. When you open a game or video in full screen mode, the image will be slightly cropped at the top and bottom. In the video, it is not critical, but in games because of it may become available some button or other control. Now turn off the screen and talk about its capabilities in this mode. After all, Always on Display is also present here. It works like a charm, and we here can’t think about any scope of improvement with the Galaxy S9.

Talking more about the settings available, by default, it displays digital clock with date and application icons that have sent the notice, and key house. In this way, you can quickly open the application from which the notification came, switch to music (double tap bounds open player widget), well, see the time and date. If you do not like a clock, it can be replaced by classic arrow on the calendar, any image or display all the information on the side Edge-panel. You can also disable all completely or just leave the key “Home”.

With all type of settings and mode, you can customize the Samsung Galaxy S8 to a vital level, and here we don’t think, if you would need another feature. Samsung engineers have managed to bring everything that you may be requiring. That is why Samsung Galaxy S8 is a best smartphone, and we won’t be wrong if we say Samsung Galaxy S9 will be even better.

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