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Review On Power Banks For Android

An expanding of battery capacity in modern gadgets leads to the inevitable reduction in the time of their continuous operation. Every user wants to get a smartphone that will work fast and for a long time without increasing the size of a smartphone itself. However, if you do not need a super slim smartphone and you prefer a bigger battery life instead, you might want to visit Kijiji to find Motorola cell phone or Samsung cell phone that does feature a huge battery.

To ensure a continuous operation of smartphones and tablets, there have been developed power banks. Such devices accumulate charge of a large capacity and give it back to a connected device. They are indispensable for travel and moving, when there is no access to a standard electrical outlet.

Review On Power Banks For Android


The main technical characteristic of power banks is their capacity.

It is calculated in mAh (milliamp hour). This figure may vary from 1500 to 6000 mAh. With such a battery, a small MP3-player could work for one week, but not a smartphone that has plenty of sensors and a huge bright screen. This is when power banks kick in.

A power bank can extend the operation of gadgets for a few days depending on their own battery capacity. Manufacturers offer a wide range of such devices, which have a different price. The median is 8000 mAh, which will let you charge your battery up to 2-3 times. If the capacity is 20 000 mAh, it will be enough for 4-8 recharges if we are talking about an average Android-device.

The Charging Technology

In order to connect and then charge a smartphone, you will need to use a direct connection or use an additional adapter. A direct connection is possible in case of the compatibility of connectors. For example, many external power banks are equipped with a MicroUSB port, which you can find in almost all modern devices. If a power bank is equipped with a standard USB-port, you will have to use a cable that usually comes with your phone or tablet. Today, there exist some wireless power banks that operate on the basis of inductive energy. To charge your device this way, you will only need to put it on top of the power bank.

The accessory itself also needs to be charged. The times it takes to recharge a power bank depends on the source of energy. Almost all such devices can be charged with a standard USB connector. This way, it is enough to connect them to a working computer or a standard outlet.

The effectiveness of such an approach is not always high. The fact is that a USB-port supplies current of 500 mA. If the laptop battery requires 1A or 2A, the charging process may take 2-3 times longer.

Monitoring and Control Functions

Budget models of power banks do not have any additional functions. They are only able to accumulate and give the energy back. More advanced models feature the technology of an efficient energy distribution and auto turn-off function.

So we hope you find our article fun and useful. In case your smartphone battery does not last long and you do not want to bother with power banks, we suggest you check price for LG phone or Apple iPhone 6s Plus, for instance, that has a big battery.

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