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LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – Rising early and reading an inspirational quote is a very healthy way to start off your day. And making those early phone calls in the morning is showing commitment and is a great start towards achieving your goals and having your business prosper.

Marketing in real estate at times is shrugged off, yet, is one the most important ways to get customers in contact with you. By stay connected with several marketing tools, from sending out postcards and/ or having a website, it is essential to create have a marketing plan in place where you will consistently hit your target audience. Having a creative backing that is promoting your product and is something really different and new also connects with your audience on a much deeper level. Let us dive into the 3 C’s when marketing real estate to explore the different marketing options as a realtor and the best ways to attract your potential audience.

The 3 C’s of Marketing in Real Estate


Set aside the necessary funds for marketing and put it into action. Be detailed; include items such as print media, digital media, direct mail, e-mail, social media, and content. Then break it down to how much you can expend on each item.

And make sure you sustain it long-term and keep on it because your probability is much higher when you market consistently.


“To be successful you must commit,” says the Local Records Office. And follow-through is one of the most important aspects of this business. So always stay on top of commitments and make yourself available.

The site vbsrealestate.com asked 50 random people why they chose their agent, and everyone basically produced the same answers and said agents that make lasting impressions in buyers’ or sellers’ mailboxes remain on top.

Sharran Srivatsaa approached the real estate business with a solid devised three-point plan:

  1. A singular focus on growth: whereas every decision made was viewed with a prism standpoint, and whether it would help support the expansion.
  2. The cadence of accountability: the leadership team focused on how they were going to hit their numbers, says Srivatsaa and “we had to drive toward to goal every day, by breaking it down into how many agents we needed to hire and how many offices we needed to open, month after month, quarter after quarter, to get there” (Ericson 26).
  3. A strong commitment to driving good results: Srivatsaa believes the process is creating a system that helps them succeed, and focusing on strong onboarding, training, and technology investments to help with recruitment and retention; it is substantial in building an infrastructure to building a sustainable business.


There are a lot of things you can do with design, copy and production to make direct mail a lot more effective — as well as media. So take advantage of these endless possibilities.

Create a caption that lasts and is tempting for the consumer to take a notice. Because let’s face it, people get bored.

Target an audience that you can best identify with

The first step to real estate marketing is finding your target audience. Just like a restaurant focuses on their certain type of food they serve, the aura of the atmosphere and the restaurant itself all fall into place, just as a realtor would choose their subject audience and the marketing ideas and tools to approach this audience will all come into play and help you broaden the appeal of that type of business.

The different types of consumers that real estate agents run into today can range from military to consumer’s selling their first-time home, commercial properties, death and /or divorce in the family, to finding homes for first-time homebuyers, and much more.

It’s important to learn about your ideal customer, their wants, and interests. When you understand the type of customer you have, you will have a better understanding and a clearer idea of how to assist them in the best way possible.

Marketing tools in real estate

Direct Mail

The Data and Marketing Association claims direct mail is one of the most important mediums for marketers across all industries.


Experts also recommend using different strategies, adding a personal touch and following up vigilantly.

Online Profile

An effective online profile is an essential way of marketing to attract future business. It is also a great way to gain referrals from previous clients.  Design your site to be mobile-friendly.


Communicating through e-mail is another great way of generating leads and staying in touch with past clients. Just be sure to be timely and check your e-mail account daily. Also focus on helping your clients, not selling to them.

Social Media

Posting listings on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will guarantee to be seen by thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands.

Incorporating Technology

By using video sharing and streaming will give a fresh perspective. And using marketing tools that incorporate technology, where people do not have to leave their homes is becoming the new era in real estate marketing.


When you are investing the time in your business by networking, you will see a greater outcome when gathering with other people in the same business. It is also important to engage in outside gatherings, remember to smile and wear a name badge to make it easier for people to approach you and help people remember your name.

Bob Burg, the author of “Endless Referrals,” suggests focusing on meeting only five to six people at a networking event, so that way you are focused on building a stronger connection with each individual and in discovering what matters the most to him or her. Also, he recommends standing near where they serve food and drinks, and pay close attention to the “leaders” of the group, they usually are the influencers of the room.

Express your attention towards the person you are talking to by asking questions about them, so that way you are establishing a different relationship other than focusing on yourself and your own business.

Ways to add your personal touch —and other marketing tools

  • Property-specific websites or domain address that are easy to locate, and make sure to refresh content making the site interesting and / engaging for the audience to linger on their a little longer, share your information and visit again.
  • Professional photography for listings, branding, or a website, as well on brochures, blogs, postcards, editorials and a variety of print advertising, marketing, branding and much more.
  • Make a story-driven, heartfelt video
  • Post and distribute flyers or put up posters near a beautiful house with a simple phrase, “Want a house like that?” And provide your contact information.
  • Have a target audience, so they feel a connection to your marketing tools and advice.
  • Become interacted with the community, volunteer at local charities, and people will see that you value and empathize with people who are also deprived.
  • Personalize the showing so that as the person walks out they have a memory of your personal touch that you added to the property.
  • Sponsor events of social clubs, especially when you are selling the luxury real estate, so you can target the club wealthy CXOs as members.

How to be successful in real estate

Srivatsaa claims that there is one secret ingredient to success —when two real estate agents both look the same, both know the business, and both have the same relationship with the client, the one who wins the business “is the one with the swagger” and he explains, “at the end of the day, it’s about upping your confidence.”

Each person joins this field with different aspirations, different skill sets, and backgrounds, but to his estimation, about 80% of agents are not sure why they are doing what they are doing, and that is jeopardizing their success. And having a better understanding of your goals will also help bring you the confidence to reach them.

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