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Product Review: Movavi Slideshow Maker

Do you want to create presentations that stand out, or compile slideshows of some of your photos to create mementos or videos that you can share? The key to a good slideshow lies in harnessing the full potential of its audiovisual nature – but for that you’ll need to use software that has the features that allow you to do so.

In that regard Movavi Slideshow Maker should be perfect, as it has comprehensive features that will let you create and customize your slideshows with countless audiovisual elements. At first however you will want to compile your slideshow, which is a simple matter of adding the images that you want to use as well as any video footage that you may wish to include as well.

Once you’ve compiled the slideshow, Movavi Slideshow Maker will let you place animated transitions between any slides – or all of them. It will also allow you to include background music to accompany your slideshow and give it the right vibe, and you can either use your own audio file or select one of the built-in tracks. To ensure that the background music and the slideshow are in sync, you will be able to automatically match the slide duration to the music tempo.

It is worth noting that you could add a voiceover to your slideshow in the same way, or record one within Movavi Slideshow Maker itself using your microphone. Additionally you can edit the audio tracks to normalize quiet parts, remove noise, or apply various effects.

On the visual front Movavi Slideshow Maker will provide you with several other options that you can use to improve your slideshow. Not only can you enhance any videos or images that are being used, but you can also apply filters and effects to give them a unique style. If you want you could also add text fields that can be customized to create unique captions, titles, bullet points or watermarks.

One aspect of Movavi Slideshow Maker that is particularly noteworthy is the fact that it has an ‘Easy mode’ as well that will let you quickly create simple slideshows. While this mode won’t give you all the features described above, it will instead let you use an easy 3-step wizard to compile a slideshow from images and add animated transitions and background music.

Of course if you prefer to be able to fully customize your slideshow, the ‘Full feature mode’ will be a better fit. Regardless of which mode you choose to use however, the bottom line is that Movavi Slideshow Maker will be able to place the tools and features that you need to create slideshows of any kind in your hands.

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