Home Insurance No Life Insurance? If you have Children is it against the Law?

Now that I have your attention , www.termlifedoneright.com believes that if you have children in your home and do not have life insurance, you should go straight to jail. You decided have having children and you are responsible even after death.


I know that I am being a little harsh here but think about it. What will you kids do if they lose your income?  Most likely they are going to have to make some pretty hard choices. Is your legacy going to be a Go Fund Me account or a car wash? Is the last thing your kids will remember about you is they had to move from the family home because their parent/s were not responsible enough to take care of this?

My personal situation was my mom died when I was early 20s. Not a child but still young. She didn’t have life insurance. It was hard to get everything together to pay for her funeral. I remember arguing with a friend about paying for her gravestone. I didn’t have the money. That will be the last memory that I will have of my Mom, struggling to bury her. I know that’s not what I want! If she just had a little policy things would have been so different.

Would They? Could They?

So just imagine if you have a child , say 10, that’s my sons age. I want you to think about what would happen if you died.

Could they pay rent or mortgage?

Could they make a car payment?

Could they pay for college?

Could they buy groceries?

Would they have to move?

Could they bury you without financial hardship?

Can you pay $25 a month for life insurance to protect the family?

Look at these rates

These prices are for a 44 yr old Male Non Smoker in Average Condition.

$25 a month that will make sure your kids, spouse and your legacy are still intact. You do not know when you are going to die. Could be tomorrow, 10 years , never. But you do have an obligation to those children, while they are in the home, to take care of them even after your death.

Do you have children in the home? Do you have other loved ones that need your help financially? There are plenty of Life Insurance Companies that will treat you right. I personally will help you create a plan for your budget and your needs. No hassle just an honest review of your situation. I will be honest with you if you need more insurance but any life insurance is better than nothing!

Jared Jarvis



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