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Traders all over the world like to use trading platforms irrespective of whether it is a desktop, mobile or online version. Every trader prefers to use a trading platform that has unique features and easy trading options. MIB700 is one of the best trading platforms in the world. It is developed using the Meta trader 5, which is the most advanced, comfortable and multi-functional trading platform in the world. It is the most powerful platform for Forex trading and exchange markets.

Best Features of MIB700

MIB is a licensed financial service provider that offers trading solutions for Forex, Commodities, Shares and Indices. MIB700 is lead by experienced and qualified professionals. They offer traders with fast and easy to use trading platforms for trading. Currently MIB700 is available in three versions – the Desktop version, MT5 Mobile App and the Web Terminal version.

MIB700 Desktop Version:

MIB700 is associated with MT 5 or Meta Trader 5. Meta trader 5 is the best and safest online trading platform in the world that provides traders with reliable features and most advanced tools for trade analysis. The desktop version of MIB700 is designed for traders to do Forex trading, currencies; stocks and CFDs.

The MIB700 desktop version has a “market watch window” where the traders can select items based on their needs. The advantage of MIB700 is that it provides you with options for quick monitoring, one-click trading, and quick access to tick data.  MT 5 allows traders to use different strategies at the present market price and supports pending orders with present lifetime. MT 5 also has many advanced tools that are built-in for technical analysis and are compatible with technical tools like Fibonacci, Gann and Elliot tools. The tabs “exposure” gives traders a chance to evaluate the current account status whereas the “history” tab shows complete information about the previous executed trades and analysis reports.

Meta Trader 5 Mobile App:

MT 5 mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. The app provides traders with 4 easy access tabs in the home screen. The MT 5 app allows the trader to access charts with customizable candlestick or line chart display, check the current quote price and timeline. The MT 5 mobile app allows you to trade with confidence and in one click you can check your history. The app allows you to scroll through your assets and view the highs and lows easily. Trading can never be easier than using MT 5 Mobile App.

Meta Trader 5 Web Terminal:

Web terminal is the latest version that allows traders to get easy access to their account online from anywhere. You can connect to your account from any system, be it MAC, Linux or Windows. With the help of a fast internet connection, traders can do trading without any difficulty. MT 5 web terminal allows the traders to use the convenience of a desktop as well as the web terminal at the same time. It makes a trader’s life easy.


If you are a trader planning to open a trading account, register today at MIB700, the leading online Forex broker dedicated to providing a safe and productive environment for our traders. The highly experienced financial market professionals ensure exceptional customer service and reliability.

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