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Make The Right Call: 5 Ways You Can Make Your Phone Bill More Affordable

Everyone tries to find ways to lower their monthly bills, and that includes on their mobile plans. The good news is, it’s easy to cut costs without significantly changing your lifestyle. Just five simple changes can instantly and significantly lower your phone bill.

Switch to Autopay

Most cell phone companies will give you a nice discount when you sign up for autopay. Not only that, you won’t need to worry about late charges, because your bill will get paid even if you forget about it. Of course, the amount of discount you get will depend on your specific carrier. However, usually, your savings can be significant.

Look Into Other Mobile Plans

Not only are prepaid mobile plans cheaper, but there is also no contract to sign and no credit check. You simply pay for the month ahead of time, rather than paying for it after the fact. Some of the major carriers offer prepaid mobile plans. But there are also smaller companies, who use the major carrier’s networks, that operate on the prepaid business model.

Even if you prefer postpaid mobile plans, by taking a look at mobile plans from other carriers, like Spectrum mobile plans, you may be able to find a more affordable plan than what you currently have. Though you may have to take cancellation fees into account, depending on where you are in your contract, switching may be more affordable for your monthly budget. 

Ignore the Phone Upgrade Offers

Everyone likes new things, but, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It might not be trendy, but if your old phone works fine, keep it. Grabbing that phone upgrade offer can mean 18 to 24 months of an additional $20 to $40 to pay off the new phone. Ask yourself if spending $700-$1,000 for a phone really worth it? If you’re able to hold onto your old phone for long enough, your carrier might even upgrade you for free.

Drop Your Phone Insurance

Unless you’re very prone to losing, dropping, or breaking things, your protection plan is just extra money on your bill. This is especially true if you’re sticking with your old phone, since it may fall below the value covered. Of course, if you have an expensive new phone you might want to keep your insurance. But, if you have ignored the phone upgrade offers, consider dropping your phone insurance.

Use WiFi Whenever You Can

Going over your data plan can add a lot to your bill. You may have signed up for a 2 GB plan since it was the cheapest, but if you consistently use 5 GB, that could add a lot of money to your bill every month. Playing games or watching videos on your data plan is a sure way to increase your data usage and your bill. Whenever possible, rely on WiFi. Take a look to see if upgrading your plan to include more data could actually save you money on fees.

If you can lower your phone bill, your overall budget will benefit, allowing you to achieve your financial goals that much sooner. Consider these tips to help you save money on your phone bill.

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