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As a young boy growing up in a remote village in west Beirut, Lebanon, Mohamed Hamdoun was addicted to studying the history of different buildings in the town, his school being one of them. He was acutely fascinated by Lebanon’s architectural heritage and it was clear in his mind that architecture and design would be his ultimate destiny.

Now a 50-year-old architect, Mr. Hamdoun has realized his dream, completing several construction projects some involving complex designs that would have never been imagined a decade ago. In the process, his construction company, Archistyle and Design has received lots of standing innovation for setting standards in the construction industry in Lebanon.

Archistyle and Design to Participate In First Phase of Embassy Design

A new multi-million building complex is set for construction on the 43-acre site in the residential district of Awkar, meters from the compound of the current U.S embassy. The new building will include staff and representational housing, a marine security guard residence, a Chancery Building, and support facilities for the community and associated members.

Mohamed Hamdoun’s company, Archistyle and design, is privileged to take part in the first phase of the project which involves the design and project planning. Asked for a comment Mohamed Hamdoun said “we are honored to participate in this great project that will ensure that US diplomats and their families are safe in our country. We will offer full support where necessary to ensure that this state of art facility is completed within the stipulated project duration. We are happy when the U.S Department of State can comfortably carry out its diplomatic mission in this country.”

Humility Is the New Success

It’s not hard to notice the immense contribution that Mohamed Hamdoun has brought to the construction industry through his construction company that has been in operation for over a decade. He is a humble man who is mainly known for his dedication to quality and work ethics by his employees. For his two daughters and son, he is just the best dad and friend.

There are lots of skyscrapers that are coming up in Beirut. Bright minds have to join together to come up with the unique designs of these buildings. Even more, for the project to be completed there must be teamwork, dedication, and commitment between the project coordinators and the workers.

One Mohamed Hamdoun will tell you that magnificent buildings like the Platinum Tower, the Grand Serail or the Maghen Abraham Synagogue are designs that don’t come about every day. They are designs that one comes up with when going for a dinner date with family, playing golf or when simply reading a book on a cool afternoon. Good architectural designs are not just a result of trained or experienced architects; they are the result of artistic designers and architects.

Interestingly, every day one gets the opportunity to create a lasting impression, but few people are able to seize the moment. Mohamed Hamdoun’s contributions to the architectural field, no matter how minuscule, will be imprinted in history for years to come.

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