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These times, it becomes difficult for professionals and companies to choose a delivery flexibility among many carriers having, all, the desire to claim the same quality of delivery.

Yet there are significant differences between carriers in performance, in each country and each city in the world Each carrier has its own geographical specialization,

it’s a fact. A transport buyer loses about 80% of the time of his carrier purchasing decision, to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of deliveries by country

and only 20% of the time to compare prices. Delivery performance becomes well beyond the price the first standard of selection, specifically in the field of the express & messenger

delivery, in all business activity combined. The brand image, reputation of a company depends mainly on the delivery performance and so customer advocacy. The Frenchman Damien Chapus thought to destroy his 80% of lost time to analyze, by creating the site 1001networks.com, this site allows, at present, to the professionals

to share their reviews on the transport experience and to quickly compare with a complex algorithm, which carrier is the most reliable on a city, and on a selected activity business.

This is a revolution in the world of sales and distribution, because this site is dedicated to all professionals who frequently use transportation and will allow, in the long run,

to make serious savings, on the hidden costs, according the reviews left by professionals shippers. This small piece of technology has just been released, in december 2019, and promises to significantly improve the performance and reputation of companies around the world.

This intelligent sharing site allows carriers to quickly identify, by the way, their geographical areas to improve in terms of delivery performance compared to professional reviews posted.

The content is absolutely qualitative, the browsing is very fast, easy, ergonomic and above all, only the professional opinions are spoted. The reviews left by users are based on 3 criterias in %, such as the operational quality, the technological quality and the quality of the customer service.

We can say that this site is piece of algorithm and will be talked about, very quickly in the field of sales, business, and optimization of supplychain 1001Networks is definitively developed to satisfy your final customer and win even more market share by securing your customer relationship.

watch the video here: https://youtu.be/D9ypETW6xNM

create your account here: https://www.1001networks.com

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