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How You Can Register As A Patent Attorney In Australia

The Intellectual Property landscape today is an exciting one, full of possibilities of complex litigation, challenges emerging from the world of online IP theft, and interactions with a global market. If all this excites you, you might be meant for a lifetime of patent law.

How You Can Register As A Patent Attorney In Australia

Academic Credentials

You need to have a degree in science or technology, as the field necessitates an understanding of the workings of complex scientific devices. This includes an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualification in an area approved by the PSB, or an equivalent qualification. Further, the field of technology must include “potentially patentable subject matter.”

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Fill in the ‘Application for Approval of Academic Qualifications for Patent Attorneys’, which will be reviewed at Professional Standards Board meetings, which take place thrice a year. You need to submit your application a minimum of 6 weeks before the next PSB meeting.

Approval of Knowledge Requirements

You need to submit proof of completion of nine topic groups.

These include a study of Legal Process, Overview of Intellectual Property, Professional Conduct, Intellectual Property Law, Trade Mark Law, Patent Law, Designs Law, Intellectual Property Systems, Trade Mark Practice, Patent System, Drafting Patent Specifications and Interpretation and Validity of Patent Specifications.

Statements of Skill

Your statement of skills should have its basis in your employment record and duties over the previous 2-5 years. The application is available at the Designated Manager (the Director General of IP Australia), along with the Registration Application Form and other requisites. It requires documentation by registered patent attorney that you have relevant experience in one or more of necessary skills.

It is evidence based, demonstrating why the attorney believes you have shown skill in the fields you are applying for. There is no deadline for applications to the Designated Manager. If you can’t get a Statement of Skill from a registered patent attorney, the PSB may help you prepare statement of skill. This will need to be submitted 6 weeks before a PSB Meeting. This can be emailed or sent to the official Professional Standards Board for Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys address in Woden ACT.

Your Registration Checklist

Along with the formal registration application form, you need the following:

  • The PSB letters regarding approval of academic qualifications and knowledge requirements
  • A statement of skill
  • A self declaration citing any Offences under the Patents Act 1990
  • A declaration for a third party mentioning your integrity and character, including the duration they’ve known you, and relationship is, e.g., colleague, supervisor. Family members are exempt from this declaration.
  • Australian residence proof (driver’s license or rates notice)
  • A $300.00 fee, which you can pay via the eServices portal.

Keep a copy of all applications and supporting documentations, as you may soon need it. All documents provided should be either original or certified copies, and copies must be certified by someone “qualified to witness a Declaration”, as approved by the Australian government. Do not self certify documents unless asked to.

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