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If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, chances are that your future is in jeopardy. Whatever it is that you did or did not do to get into trouble can haunt you for years if you are convicted. A criminal conviction can prevent you from getting jobs, have relationships or even buying a home. With that in mind, it is imperative that you hire a Houston criminal defense lawyer who fully understands the law and who is skilled at aggressively defending their client’s in a court of law. Additionally, the lawyer you choose should have compassion and, moreover, believe you when you say that you are innocent. When it comes to hiring a lawyer, keep the following advice in mind:

Hire a Lawyer With Experience

 When it comes to criminal charges, you do not want to hire a lawyer fresh out of the bar exam. While they too need to get their start somewhere, it should not be with your case. Ask about your attorney’s experience, including how long they have been practicing, what types of cases they typically handle, how frequently they negotiate pleas, how often they go to trial and how often they win.

Ask for an Assessment of Your Case

 When interviewing attorneys, ask each to give you an assessment of your case. How they answer you will give you a good idea of how thorough they will be in researching and preparing for your case, as well as an idea of how skilled they truly are. Some questions to ask include: What are my legal options? What aspects of my case will and will not work in my favor? Would you recommend a plea bargain if I’m found guilty? What can I expect at each stage of trial?

An experienced criminal defense attorney in Houston, TX will be able to give you a good idea of what is to come.

Ask About Legal Fees

 While price point should not necessarily be your top concern, it is a concern. After all, some attorneys charge an exorbitant amount to represent clients, while other are much more fair in their pricing. When looking to hire a Houston criminal defense lawyer, inquire about their pricing structure. Do they charge an hourly rate or a flat fee? Will you have to pay a retainer? If so, what will that be? If they charge a flat fee, when do they collect it? What other expenses do they charge, outside of those for representing you?

Hiring Your Attorney

Once you have met with a few different lawyers, it’s time to choose the one that is best for you. This attorney should be one that you have confidence in, are comfortable with and that you can be open and honest with. They will have some to extensive experience, a firm grasp of the law and experience in dealing with your particular type of charge. If you have a budget, the best lawyer for you will have reasonable legal fees.

The Houston criminal defense lawyer at The Law Offices of Maverick Ray LLC are skilled in defending individuals against charges brought against them. If you need a criminal defense attorney, schedule a consultation with their team today.

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