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Want to reduce negative user reviews in online public outlets while also improving your customer service? Do both and more by enabling consumer feedback via text messaging. Here’s how:

How To Get Consumer Feedback Using Text Messaging

Ask for Instant Reviews

Want to safeguard text messaging from being another broadcasting outlet and instead get consumers to text you first? Add a shortcode and keyword to your marketing materials such as product packaging, print collateral, advertisements, door signage and more. The more often customers see this information, the more likely they will be to interact with you via text message.

Adding an invitation on your product packaging for customers to contact you via text message is particularly important, as this can reduce the amount of negative user reviews in online public outlets and increase the number of customers contacting you directly regarding product or service issues. For example, an unsatisfied customer who notices an option on your product packaging to contact you via text message may be less likely to turn to Facebook as a first outlet for voicing frustrations.

Conduct a Poll

According to Four Reasons to Conduct a Poll with Mass Text Messaging, text message polls have the edge over traditional polls and surveys for several reasons. First, consumers often forget to respond to traditional polls but are more likely to participate in text message polls because they can respond quickly and easily.

Second, text message polls allow companies to gather data faster than when using old-fashioned polling methods. Rather than waiting days or weeks for survey responses, companies can have poll results in hand within minutes or hours.

Integrate with Other Channels

In this mobile era, customers often interact with you across various channels, including via phone, email, social media and more. Develop an ideal plan for how you would like customers to connect with you through each communication outlet and take the necessary steps to foster that plan. For example, if you want customers to contact you via text message with complaints and comments regarding your products or services, encourage this by providing the necessary details on your product packaging or informational handouts and, if applicable, throughout your retail space.

Take Action

What you do with the feedback customers provide via text message is perhaps the most important element. Customers want to know that their voices are being heard and that action is being taken based on their feedback.

First, thank your customers for providing feedback, positive or negative, via text message. Second, adapt company practices based on text message feedback trends. For example, if you own a pizza delivery business and customers are regularly text messaging you regarding long wait times, take the necessary steps to reduce those wait times. By integrating this with other marketing techniques for success, you will be well on your way to improving consumer engagement with your brand.

There are many ways to gather customer feedback, but few methods are as effective as encouraging feedback via text messaging. This real-time platform helps prevent negative user reviews in online public outlets and allows you to quickly respond to both positive and negative customer comments. Take advantage of this powerful tool today.

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