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You have found the perfect new office space that meets all your criteria – great! Now it’s time to move, but don’t forget that this move includes more than simply transporting your office equipment and furniture. As a business owner, it is up to you to let your clients, suppliers, and community know that you are changing location. For some tips from office movers in Vancouver on the best way to communicate your upcoming move to your partners, read below:

1. Make sure the right person is sending communication about a move

Communicating something as important as an office move requires careful planning, and the message needs to come from the right person. In order to give your partners the impression that you value their partnership, the message must be sent well in advance from a staff member that the partner relates to. Keep in mind that this person may be different depending on the partner, but make sure to draft a message that will be used by all senders. Once the message has been initially sent, don’t break the communication! Continue to send reminders and updates to your partners, but take care not to become an annoyance.

2. Utilize social media

Social media is relatively easy to use, quick, and free, which makes it a perfect platform to use for announcing an upcoming move. Make sure to stress that your services will be affected as little as possible during the move. You can also add images of your new space or the packing process to increase interest and interaction. Thanking your stakeholders for their patience on social media is also always a good idea. Be clear in your content by sharing your new location’s address, any delays or interruptions that may affect your partners (multiple times!), and updates on the status of your operation once you have moved into the new location. Don’t forget to update the address info on your website and Facebook pages, and let your stakeholders know when you are receiving mail at your new office.  

Focus on the benefits that your partners will see

If possible, avoid moving your office at your business’ busiest time of year to help reduce client inconvenience. Although there may still be some negative impacts during the move, minimize bad feelings by consistently reminding your partners of the great things that will happen as a result of the move. For instance, will you have a more accessible location for some clients, or will your new building offer greater amenities for your clients? Keep the communication positive, and your partners will have greater patience with your business during a chaotic move.

Thanks to Vancouver Corporate Movers for their blog post and tips.

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