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Stainless steel nails are, most importantly, corrosion resistance. They have a good life cycle and are environmentally friendly. Another reason why stainless steel nails are so popular is because they are 100% recyclable. These types of nails are ideal for interior finish carpentry work and other woodworking projects, especially where you are reluctant to show the nail’s head. Stainless steel nails are resistant to high heat as well as can bear extremely cold temperatures. This makes them the ultimate choice for almost any carpentry project.

How To Choose The Best Stainless Steel Nails For Your Project?

Due to the growing popularity and demand, stainless steel nails are fast becoming the fastener of choice for premium-quality construction and carpentry projects. Although these fasteners are a bit costlier than those made of other materials – they offer the best protection against rust and weather agents that cause deterioration of the nails.

There are many different types of stainless steel nails available on today’s consumer market. In order to choose the most appropriate type of nail for a particular project, consumers should consider how the nail will be used. The way how nails are used depends both on the type of wood and on the characteristics of the work to be completed. Choosing the best types of nails is important for buyers since wrong type of nail selection for a job can cause potential damages to the wood and can cause a lack of fastening power. Mentioned below are few things to keep in mind when buying stainless steel nails for your next construction project.

Chromium Content:

Stainless steel nails are made of stainless steel that contains 10.5% or more chromium by weight. The chromium actually gives the steel its anti-corrosion property. The chromium content of the stainless steel nails provides the nails with rough, adherent, and corrosion resistant surface. If oxygen is present, the self-healing properties of the nails provide further enhancement. This is the reason why stainless steel nails are becoming an integral fastener for construction projects especially in coastal regions.

Grades of Nails:

You can find many different grades of stainless steel nails. However, most manufacturers will offer you three main grades including 302, 304, and 316. The lower grade option is 302 which contain a grater carbon count and its carbon count reduces its corrosion resistance. 302 grades are softer and less expensive than the other grades.

The next important classification is 304 grades, which is the most popularly used stainless product available. 304 grade stainless steel nails are widely recognized due to its balance of nickel and chromium. However, 304 stainless steel nails are more durable and offer the best corrosion resistance than its counterparts. In most cases, these grades of stainless steel nails offer an adequate amount of strength and protection.

316 grades of stainless steel nails are even stronger and are preferred for projects where exposure to high chloride salt is prevalent. This is the reason they are popularly used in coastal regions for outdoor woodworks. The only downside of 316 grades of stainless steel nails is that it is costlier than the lower-grades nails.

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