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Pharmaceutics is an industry with a rather complex technological process. In addition, all spheres of pharmaceutical production are controlled by several supervisory bodies and are regulated by a number of regulatory documents. The aim of pharmaceutical companies is not only to develop and produce pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications but also to market them.

What tasks should CRM Solve for Pharmaceutical Companies

One of the key features of companies working in the pharmaceutical field is the important role of sales representatives. So pharma CRM software is necessary, first of all, to streamline the sales system. At the same time, there are other potential tasks such as to maintain a single pharmacy base of medical and preventive institutions, doctors, to generate statistics, and make reporting.  All these and even more should be implemented in software for pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma software helps pharmaceutical companies to:

  • create a nomenclature base of medicines, load all necessary documentation and sort them by various parameters;
  • create a single pharmacy base;
  • form a single client base with detailed information on each of them;
  • build a clear algorithm for the sales system with a schedule of meetings and calls for each client;
  • streamline statistics and reports on all marketing activities of the company and their financial results;
  • to realize instant access to any reports and statistical data;
  • streamline interaction within the company and the entire workflow.

Thanks to the effective CRM solution for pharmaceutical companies, you will be able to evaluate and monitor all actual and planned costs, personnel issues, setting tasks to employees and their implementation.

The following pharmaceutical software solutions, with a variety of modules and functionality, can be implemented with minimal system requirement:

  • Bpm’online Pharma
  • Oracle CRM On Demand
  • Salesforce CRM

Bpm’online Pharma

How To Choose The Best Pharma Software

Bpm’online has an industry version of its CRM system for producers and distributors of medicines – Bpm’online Pharma. The solution combines the capabilities to automate the specialized tasks of the pharmaceutical industry, business process management and the classic functions of the CRM software. One of the key directions of the pharmaceutical company is a well-coordinated interaction of marketing departments and field force. The organization of work of these pharma promotion units is carried out in BPM’online Pharma with the help of cyclic assignments. The functionality of the system allows creating detailed promotion plans and indicates parameters of activities, the team of responsible employees and the actual status of implementation.

The main features are:

  • the single base of customers and counterparties;
  • the full history of relationships with customers;
  • hospital sales and networking;
  • managing agreements with pharmacy chains;
  • management of medical representatives;
  • sales planning and management;
  • automation of business processes;
  • product portfolio management;
  • reports and analytics.

The mobile application Bpm’online Pharma Mobile provides organization of effective work outside the office. A visit to a doctor, acceptance of an order or control of merchandising in a pharmacy are carried out according to the established standards.

The solution can be deployed both on its own technical facilities (On-Site) and in the cloud (On-Demand), which will allow the project to be launched. You can find more information on this pharma software at the following link https://www.bpmonline.com/pharma.

Oracle CRM On Demand

How To Choose The Best Pharma Software

Oracle CRM On Demand is an effective software for pharmaceutical companies with the average implementation period of about 2 months.

The main features:

  • automation of medical representatives’ activities;
  • mobile client on tablets with the ability to work without connecting to the Internet (offline-mode);
  • cycle planning;
  • integration with popular validation servers;
  • automatic categorization according to the algorithm adopted at the pharma company;
  • the term of introduction (1-2 months);
  • GPS-tracker for tracking the activity of representatives.

Through the implementation of processes specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry, and also using its CRM experience, Oracle helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to reduce the cost of products, as well as to offer their services successfully.


How To Choose The Best Pharma Software

Salesforce has developed an application to increase the effectiveness of customer relationship management for different industries as well as CRM solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

Salesforce CRM system is based on cloud technologies and is designed to manage all types of business processes, analytics, customer relations, sales, and marketing. This pharma software proved to be very stable under the conditions of a dynamically developing market.

The Salesforce CRM system is constantly improved with each new update. New functions appear in the system that makes the process of interaction with counterparties even more convenient. The system has a mobile version and is developing in the direction of increasing the social component.

The system includes:

  • contact management;
  • generation of leads;
  • capability management;
  • forecasting of sales;
  • automation of workflow;
  • tools for working in a group.

Salesforce offers a simple user interface that does not require large training costs.  Salesforce software has a customizable panel and when you log, the system opens a large set of report widgets. Sales managers can also see a summary of their data and customer information in real time. The panel can be configured so that it displays all available and necessary data.

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