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How The Right Kind Of Flooring Can Keep Your Business Safe

Employees falling or tripping in the workplace is the primary cause of workplace injuries. Plus, these types of workplace injuries also cost approximately 30% more than the average workplace injury claim.

The following are four tips that employers can use to choose the right kind of flooring material, maintenance products, and accessories to prevent these types of injuries.

Entry Floor Mats

People slip and fall everywhere. Some slip and fall injuries can even be fatal depending on the severity of the injuries. So, the first thing you want to look for is the floor mat. This accessory aims to keep the entryway clean, so they are put in front of the door. However, it is important to remember that floor mats pose a critical risk when placed in high-traffic areas. They can flip, buckle, and get wet on rainy days. People often fall because of these mats, so it’s usually best to keep the floor mats away from a front door or any architectural focal feature like an Archway Brick and Tile floor. This type of feature can often draw the eyes of the person walking under it away from the floor. This flooring in particular comes in a variety of textures and can help maximize traction in your building. It’s important to keep these areas free and clear of mats, coverings, or carpets.

If you need a floor mat or covering to keep floors clean, use carpet tiles or walk-off tiles that adhere to the floor.

Cracks and Damaged Floors

Cracks or uneven floors can catch shoes. These cracks are even worse in the winter because people are trying to hurry to get out of the cold. A cement crack or tile crack can cause someone to fall indoors or out. In addition, you can paint steps and curbs a bright color, so that customers and employees can see them. Be sure to repair cracks or uneven tiles quickly.

Slip-Resistant Coatings

If you can’t replace your flooring, think of using a slip-resistant coating for your floors. This can decrease the risk of slips and falls when visiting your business. There are several types of coatings available to you.

Abrasive floor coatings – contain a gritty substance that improves foot traction.

Chemical etching – an acid wash that can be applied to natural stone or concrete.

Carpeting – carpet is another option to prevent a fall.

Choose Floor Materials Carefully

There are many different types of flooring materials that are slip-resistant. Think of replacing floors with quarry stone, ceramic, vinyl composite tiles, rubber tiles, concrete slabs, marble, or granite. Most modern flooring types have some slip resistance when dry but can be slippery when wet unless they are coated or treated.

If you are replacing your flooring, check with your flooring materials provider to ensure that the product you choose is as slip-resistant as possible. Be sure to test slip resistance using water.

Even if you don’t plan on replacing your floor, use a slip-resistant coating that will make the floor resistant even when wet.

Keep in mind that good housekeeping is essential for a business. You want to keep your floors clear of cords, cables, and anything else like a curling mat that could cause someone to fall. Also, be sure to wipe up spills, large or small, as soon as they occur, so no one steps in a wet spot and slips.

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