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How Small Business Owners Can Keep Their Employees Healthy In 2020

Small businesses often operate with a smaller staff that makes it obvious when someone does no feel well enough to perform their duties. As a small business owner, you may also take pride in cultivating a company culture that makes your employees feel more like family. You can use the strategies to encourage everyone to stay healthy over the upcoming year.

Offer Wellness Breaks

Workplace stress can lower your employees’ immune systems and cause them to struggle both physically and mentally. Consider setting aside time during a busy work day that allows your employees to take breaks that are separate from their normal rest periods. For instance, you could set an alarm to remind everyone to take a five minute break away from their computers to do a few stretches to prevent pain that occurs from sitting too long.

Keep the Building Maintained

The cleanliness of your company building makes a different in everyone’s health. In addition to wiping down commonly used surfaces, turn your attention to the air quality. Water leaks are a major reason for poor air quality because they allow for mold and other contaminants to build up in the building. Some companies, like National Roofing Corporation, know that you should have the roof inspected and repaired as needed to prevent water damage that contributes to mold growth and poor health.

Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home

You need your workforce to be as productive as possible, but all it takes is one sick person to spread illness that can rapidly bring down the whole team. Encourage your employees to work from home if it is possible when they are sick. They can still help get things done, but this limits how many germs are brought into the building.

Provide Educational Opportunities

Even professionals sometimes need to be reminded or taught about healthy lifestyle principles. Consider hosting a monthly meeting that pertains to health topics that are pertinent to your team’s duties. For instance, office workers may need to learn how to avoid spreading germs through shared electronic devices. Your warehouse crew may need to review safe lifting practices. Keeping information fresh in everyone’s minds helps them to do their part to stay healthy.

Employee wellness makes a difference in how well your company performs in 2020. Taking care of your employees is simple, and it pays off in the long run when you have less lost productivity time. Prioritizing changes that help to keep your employees healthy guarantees that your business will grow while developing a positive reputation within your community.

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