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How Does A New Roof Save You Money In The Long Run?

While a new roof for your home can be a significant expense, it’s often worth the cost in several ways. It can save you money in the long run while adding to the quality, value, and appeal of your home. Consider the following ways that a new roof pays you back over the long term.

Better Wind Protection

A well-installed new roof can protect your home from devastating storms better than an old one. While most roofs can keep out water as long as they aren’t damaged, a new roof can offer better protection against wind damage to your home. In years past, shingles were rarely rated to withstand wind over 65 miles per hour. Today, some roof products may stay in place through winds of 120 to 130 miles per hour.

Superior Moisture Protection

When you have a new roof installed by an experienced roofing contractor, it will include a modern underlayment that adds to the moisture protection of the roof, decreasing the likelihood of expensive water damage to decking and home components. Your roofing contractor should pay careful attention to underlayment installation before installing the shingles so you can get the most from your new roof.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Modern shingles and metal roofing systems are more energy-efficient than ever. After you get a new roof, you could see a significant reduction in your utility bills, especially if your old roof was put on more than a decade ago. You may want to consider having a light-colored roofing product installed instead of a dark one so that your roof reflects heat rather than absorbing it, saving you even more. Reduced heat penetration means savings for you.

Lower Insurance Rate

You must carefully consider the insurance implications of getting a new roof. Making a claim on your insurance for hail, wind, or other damage can cause your rate to go up in many circumstances. However, getting a sturdy, fire-resistant new roof can make you eligible for a discount on your rates that may be up to 20 percent. If you’re replacing a roof that has no leaks or visible damage to save money over time, discuss the insurance implications with your agent or the insurance company.

Of course, a new roof can also make your home more beautiful. But perhaps the biggest benefit of a new roof isn’t monetary. It’s the knowledge that your home and your family are better protected with a modern and well-designed roof that meets current codes than with an old, failing, damaged, or inefficient roof. And that may be worth even more to you than the savings you can get from a roofing upgrade.

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