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Looking for ways to improve your content marketing efforts? An editorial calendar may be the best answer. A well-planned schedule can bring many benefits including content that connects with target audiences and more. Here are some effective tips for adding a calendar to your content marketing plan.

How A Calendar Can Improve Your Content Marketing

Coordinate your Efforts

From updating your blog to emailing your lists of subscribers, your content marketing strategy likely includes several tactics. The best way to coordinate those efforts is by using an editorial calendar. For example, an editorial calendar will help you coordinate blog posts and social media posts to go live on the same day. Your editorial calendar can also help ensure that your marketing campaigns are on point every time, with the same message being released through multiple channels at the same time.

Improve your Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to connecting your marketing messages with target audiences. A well-planned editorial calendar can help improve the timing of your marketing tactics. For example, a social media calendar should include target posting times based on when those posts are most likely to receive the highest engagement from your social media followers. As you build your editorial calendar, include target posting and sending times for your blog posts, e-newsletters and more.

Stay on Track

Your content marketing posts should be released on a regular and reliable basis. A consistent flow of content helps build trust with your followers and creates a strong corporate image. For example, by updating your blog once or twice a week, your site will be more likely to maintain a high SEO ranking. Those regular blog updates can also help you maintain a high amount of website traffic.

Connect with Advertisers

According to How to Use the Calendar to Create Engaging Content, an accurate editorial calendar can help you connect more efficiently with advertisers. If your business relies on advertising revenue, this benefit of a timetable should peak your interest.

A well-planned editorial calendar can help you connect more efficiently with advertisers for a few reasons. First, a schedule gives advertisers a view of your upcoming content plan so that they can pair their advertisements with your content. Second, a well-planned editorial calendar shows advertisers that your content marketing is organized, which can help their advertisements connect with target audiences.

Utilize Variety

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Include a variety of topics in your content marketing strategy to connect more effectively with your target audiences. By maintaining an editorial calendar, you can avoid posting too often on redundant topics. A calendar can also help you ensure that your content marketing is well-timed with regards to important happenings in your industry.

Improve your content marketing efforts by developing an editorial calendar. A calendar can keep your team on track, help you connect with advertisers and more. Find a calendar that works for your team and start using it today.

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