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Faux Stone Wall - As Good As It Gets

Real stone which has been used for centuries for construction looks great and will undoubtedly last for a long time. But now it is not preferred so much for construction and designing as its cost can be very steep. This is because it has to be shipped, shaped and then installed by expert masons. As part of their construction and home improvement project, builders and homeowners want quality and variety.

Many contractors and homeowners consider it cost effective to use manufactured stone as the cost is slightly more than half of what it is for natural stone. If you look at parks with stone features or the front of many new buildings, you will see extensive stone work. Even if you run your hand over the stone veneer siding, you will not be able to judge if it is natural or manufactured stone. A faux stone panel is only about 20 to 25 mm thick.

Sometimes the owner is thinking of sprucing up an old stone or brick wall. Installation of natural stone entails preparation of the surface so that it can take the weight of natural stone. This is time consuming and hard work for the mason also. He will naturally want to use a material like manufactured stone which can be easily installed over the existing surface. This saves time and masonry charges. It is easy to match the design of the faux stone wall with the existing theme and it can be used inside and outside the house. Redoing the old and faded stone wall will change the energy and ambience of the room.

Faux Stone Wall - As Good As It Gets

Real stone is porous, so if it is exposed to spills and pollution, it will start to lose its grandeur and will appear worn out. It is impossible to clean natural stone once it shows signs of wear and tear.  The advantage of manufactured stone is that it is made of polymer which gives it strength. During the production of faux stone, waterproof material is mixed with the ingredients.  This guarantees protection against chipping or cracking even after prolonged use as water will not be able to seep in. Water makes the stone weak if it is able to seep inside.

Since manufactured stone is made in molds, they can be customized according to your requirements. You can ask for and get corners, inlays and even trims made. The versatility of this material is astounding. You can plan to install it on your kitchen countertop or on your fireplace or you can use it to accentuate the outdoor features of your house like the patio. The beauty of this material can be enhanced by adding color during its production which gives it various beautiful shades. The customer is definitely spoilt for choice as so many designs and shades are available.

This manufactured stone is being used widely. In fact, there are very few people who are still willing to have real stone installed in their buildings. If you ask around, you will discover that the majority of stone veneers which you see are made of manufactured stone. It is a beneficial and practical choice for people going in for construction or home improvement projects.

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