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How can one know if they have a horrible case of wantrepreneur-itus? Well, begin by questioning yourself a couple of light hearted questions that will assist diagnose the self with such a conditioning.

Do you get out of bed in the AM seeking more from your life? Does that alarm go off every weekday and the occasional week-end, waking you up with instances of “why am I doing this?” or ”what did I do wrong?”.

Understandably, you’ve been trapped in this event for a long time now? Some “entrepreneurs” can call this a hole, but most public speakers would name this accepting less than you’re worth. So you enjoy wishing for more at night… And lose sight through the day too. Ponder about it theoretically for a second, where does dreaming get you physically? Very snoozy is the best answer to that!

Of course, you have epic dreams, but how can you bet on making those dreams happen? Indeed, you can still use your noggin, or you wouldn’t be having all these dreams about a better life and future. One doesn’t even need to be all that physically capable these days, there’s bucket loads of cash to be created sitting behind a screen all day long! Jeez, I should understand, I used to be a fatty making funding in that computer chair!

Failing At Life With Procrastinatitus? Who Hasn’t?! End It Now

Dreams are so motivational, but as you are pondering over them, think about on what you are currently doing (openly speaking ofcourse, clearly you are currently looking at a computer monitor of some sort). Maybe you paying the bills with a job that you loath, maybe you are having issues with your manager (Who’s not been there!?).

Personally, I used to wake to that all the time. I worked for someone else, but when you count it all up, was no where near as many days as a greater number of people, however the number of differing bosses & jobs I did did simply flattern that playing field flat. Yes, thats correct, I blew as an employee. Cost me so much time to get my head around all the reasons on; having trouble getting employment, keeping it & respecting the bosses.

My issue was, I tried to improve their small business. The issue of pride, then came into play and let me inform you, small business managers don’t enjoy being told how they can improve their business, then you are lost in this role of no growth of any sort & you might as well be on a construction line. Took me longer than I would’ve liked to work out that I made a amazing manager myself, and that I didn’t need to take a silly managers shit daily.

“How can I move forward?”, you ask? Here’s an easy task I’m putting forward where any small business operator or young Entrepreneur can be doing now in order to get themselves a fresh start.

Quit lounging on your butt! The worst thing you could do is sit and whine. Make your world happen, just how you want it to. No one will do it for you, nor can you want them to!
Do it yourself, as an Entrepreneur we are to some degree control freaks. This is great at the beginning when you need to do it by yourself, I greatly encourage it, but you will have to eventually learn to let go & pass errands on to employees.
Stop listening to nay-sayers, become your own person. I couldn’t care if they are your old folks or your husband or wife, you do what is going to make you smile! If they really love you for you in a way that will help you, they’ll give you the opportunity to make your own mistakes (yep, it’s all part of the procedure!). True growth comes from understanding and what better way to understand than by making real errors. It really is a win win (even if it doesn’t appear like it!)

Stop procrastinating. Odds are all the planets will not line up, never will everything will be perfect and the closer you come to 100%, the more you’ll want to tweak what you’re working on. Sometimes you need to be okay with 90% for the moment, then move on to making advancements. If you continue the unsure game, I’ll give you one wild guess as to how far you will progress with it.

Make an absolute pigsty. That’s correct, fall in & make a few waves, if you’ve enough balls for winning you might get the chance to get some. How many stories do you hear about the amazing pacifist? Work on being the Hero, don’t play Mister Boring cautiously walking the wire hoping you will never trample on anybodies toes. Cause you will either be so plain and so astonishly boring that no one will even care, or you will be deficient with the inner strength to be able to provide more or at least the minimum expectations to your customers.

Learn where to use your resources. Again, you’ll never truly know unless you go there. Learn what works best for you, and do not be afraid of plunging your finances into areas you know work well. If you don’t try, then there’s every chance you’re missing out on a probable amazing opportunity, if not, you’ve learned another lesson. Always take note of how your attempts turn out and always try tweaking and improving them.

Make sure you have your company concepts, foundations happening, this list includes items such as all the target market research, business name and logo, small business web site (can just be a simple, cheap small business web design) networking goodies like business cards etc, correct contact info which are different to your own details etc.
Create actions to your dream daily, it’s fine to take down time from this here and there, but put a timer on it when you decide on doing it. So that when a week passes and you’ve done jack all for your plan, you’ll know it’s time to begin kicking ass once more.

Now you’ve been educated of these procrastination remedies, you’ve a starting point of where you are today & where you want to be in a year. I can guarantee you, you don’t want to be a year closer to the end and be sitting in the same place you are in your time as you are right now. Because, as an individual who has been there, let me tell you, it’s not a good feeling & it really is like you are back in school flunking the final year over and over. You will stay…



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