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The design of bedroom furniture has evolved considerably from the classic gigantic wooden beds and intricately decorated specimens of the 80s. The present-day interior decorator is draws his inspirations from exotic cultures and the natural world. The end result of this exercise is that now one find elegant, delightful and offbeat furniture in rooms.

Minimalism – The New Trend in Furniture

The newest trend on the block when it comes to bedroom furniture is the concept of minimalism. Clean-cut smooth lines and shapesNaturally-Timber-Chesterfield-bed-Tasmanian-Blackwood-223x223 with perfect geometry characterize this. Simplicity of designs brings elegance. For example, the newest type of bed, the low-slung platform bed, is designed to create harmony in the bedroom. This new model has legs but they remain hidden from the edges and give a surreal impression of the bed floating in the room. This minimalistic design should, however, not convey the idea that the bed is less functional. As hard as you may find qto believe it, some of these beds come equipped with storage drawers underneath with considerable capacity.

Not just beds, other important furniture items like tables, chests or drawers and even wardrobes are now conforming to the principles of minimalism. Most pieces in present-day homes will have elegant straight lines and almost completely devoid of any decorative ornaments. The idea on which the designer is working here is that he wants the designer elements to come in through the actual design and shape and not through some external accessories. These days, it is no surprise to find a bedside table of the same design as a picnic table. Of course, it is smaller and shorter in height.

Inspired by the Natural

The designs of modern bedroom furniture are getting inspired heavily by natural forms, materials and colours. A number of decorative items take like lamps and vases now come in natural forms. For example, it will not be a surprise to find a bedside table lamp in the shape of a stylized palm tree trunk.

When it comes to the materials used for making furniture, “natural” is again the buzzword. Wood is the unanimous choice of carpenters and designers, especially for beds and storage furniture. Glossy metals are mainly brought to use for accenting different pieces. They will mainly be used for constructing legs, handles, bases and stands.

In line with the “natural” furniture, the colours in the bedroom too need be natural. There are a number of earth colours like beige, brown, pistachio, etc. which are commonly spotted in the modern bedrooms of today. Shades of grey too can lend a touch of sophistication to any bedroom.


Another emerging trend in the world of bedroom furniture is that spaciousness is given extra importance. The pieces are never too voluminous and massive. It is ensured that there is enough free space in the room.

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