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After working for most of our lifetime, everyone deserves some rest and time to enjoy the fruits of all their hard works. This is the time that is better known as retirement. Generally, people are glad when their retirement time arrives, thinking that now they would have all the time in the world for themselves, in order to fulfill all their wishes.

Unfortunately, it is not a happy time for all. There are people who are compelled to take retirement from their regular duty, before the completion of their service tenure. If they are federal employees they are still eligible for certain privileges and benefits. It is these benefits, regarding which, if enough and correct information and guidance is not sought, may be lost.

So, in order to be clearly aware of the benefits that you, as a federal employee would receive, even after applying for disability retirement, help should be taken from people akin to Linda O. Foster of Washington .For this, we must first understand what is meant by a Disability Retirement.

Disability Retirement – A Discourse

During your working tenure, if at any time you come to be faced with a physical disability that does not permit you to work regularly any longer, you may apply for a retirement which is termed as Disability retirement. Of course, it is not something which is acquired very easily. It comes with its own terms and conditions.

The first of such conditions, enumerates that you can apply for a retirement of this type, only after you have submitted all documents clearly stating and supporting what kind of disability you have. It is not enough that you present your side of the story. The company too, has to be given a fair chance to convince you to continue working with them as a productive unit. They will also try to retain you by all ways and means.

When the above is done, only after that, you are eligible to fill in your application form for the same. Apart from this, there are a few more other criteria which have to be met so that the company can approve of your application.

Linda O. Foster from Washington is an expert in understanding these terms and conditions and is very capable of assisting her clients who are mostly federal employees. She gives them suggestions about different methods which could enhance their retirement plans and also vouches for an Estate plan as an excellent savings for retirement.

A term of at least 18 months, of creditable service, has to be completed towards the Federal civilian service; your disability must have occurred while you were still employed as a federal employee, due to disease or injury; the disability should have lasted at least one year; the company should accept that it is incapable of accommodating your present disabled condition; and the application should be made within one year of your disability.

The above, surmises the terms that are to be met, in order to get a Disability retirement approved. The company agrees to continue granting you the benefits of this kind of retirement only if you promise to keep providing them with regular medical updates for your disabled condition.

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