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Managing a bakery or restaurant can be quite difficult and challenging at times, especially when it comes to maintaining your equipment. That is why you should always ensure that you have the best possible equipment available, to reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do and also save unnecessary expenses – like having to replace faulty equipment.

Macadams is known as the Rack Oven Specialist and we supply high quality rack ovens to our customers. This means that you can equip your bakery with the latest and greatest in rack ovens, allowing you to produce high quality baked goods for your valued customers. This is a great way to increase the value you offer while also increasing your efficiency.

Choosing Only The Best For Your Bakery Business

Rack ovens are ideal to use for a variety of foods, which is why they are so versatile and easy to use. The range of rack ovens from Macadams include the Macadams 72, as well as the Macadams 80ES and the Macadams 120. If you require a larger oven, you can choose the Macadams 480, which offers the capacity to bake 192 dozen pies or 480 standard bread rolls at a time. It has a robust design and an easy to use control panel.

Apart from rack ovens you can also choose to use other ovens, like convection ovens and deck ovens. They each have their own benefits to offer and this is why bakeries often make use of a variety of equipment to ensure that they can offer their customers a variety of foods. These units also complement each other perfectly, making it possible to expand your menu and give your customers variety, quality and value for money.

As the Rack Oven Specialist, we provide equipment that is easy to use, functional and energy efficient too. This will reduce your overall expenses as you will use less energy while also saving on maintenance costs. You will have reliable equipment that will last for years to come. You can also compare different ovens to find the ones you will need for your bakery. You can use these ovens in combination with other equipment to offer your customers a variety of baked goods and allow for a wide variety within your restaurant or bakery.

Macadams has a distribution facility in Cape Town and specialises in baking equipment. We are known as the Rack Oven Specialist and supply our products to customers around the world. Contact us today to get the best quality equipment for your bakery or restaurant.

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