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Bringing Hope In The Lives Of The Needy Through Humanitarian Approach

On one hand the present modern world is suffering from crimes of war and hatred and on the other hand, it is also getting to see benevolent help coming from the good and kind-hearted people. Still, the amount of hardships and hatred that the globe is facing is so huge that millions of people are hurt and hence their faith in humanity is disillusioned and the faith in message of God have disappeared. Several illnesses and poverty have forced many people to resort to wrong and evil paths and commit several crimes. This situation has increased the necessity for restoring their faith and beliefs in the presence of God in their lives which they need the most.

No one is born wicked or evil. And hence this is the main reason that K.P. Yohannan and his organization Gospel for Asia have come forward to spread the message of love, hope, peace and message of God to the world. The international charity organization has been working since last 30 years with a lot of help and support from the sponsors and devoted volunteers, as a servant of the Church. The NGO works in the backward and remote areas of Asia where the teachings of Jesus Christ has not yet reached. The aim and mission is set up following a clear order from the Lord and the Christ to lessen the aid and sufferings of the human beings from all kinds of man-made or natural calamities. The missionary organization Gospel for Asia believes that the only way to reach to the Almighty is by doing philanthropic service to the poor and needy in times of any difficult situations and disasters.

Bringing Hope In The Lives Of The Needy Through Humanitarian Approach

Apart from spreading the Word of God in several South Asian countries where there is no awareness or knowledge, the National mission organization works in serving the backward regions and distant villages with clean water facilities, sanitary living conditions and even by offering livelihoods to many needy. The Compassion Ministries of the NGO work towards the development and growth of disabled people like the lepers, and even disaster victims by filling their life with a ray of hope. Gospel for Asia supports various ministries in preaching the Holy Word of Christ and in showing the path of righteousness. There are compassionate services for the sake of mankind that involves in offering food and education to the neglected and poor sections of the society in rural Asia.

In several rural backward areas, there are many illiterate people who have not even heard of Jesus Christ. They have no clue that the name of Christ in prayer for others works miracles and his pains also gets cured. The missionaries and staff pray for the troubled minds and the needy and that too irrespective of religion, gender, caste or creed. In this technological world, where no one does anything for anyone, the selfless services done by the Missionaries of charity is absolutely very earnest and wonderful. They pray and even work towards helping and rescuing people find their way back to normal life after any natural calamities with the guidance from the Gospel which is the message of God.

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