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There’s such a huge volume of tapes and adhesives on the market right now that it’s natural to question how and where the bespoke adhesive manufacturer fits into the whole thing. Carry out a web search for pretty much any kind of adhesive that’s ever been made and chances are it will be right there at your fingertips, which begs the question as to why custom adhesives and tapes remain so popular? Which they very much do, as for thousands of businesses across the UK and thousands more beyond, custom adhesives represent the kinds of resources that they are depending on day in and day out to get by.

Whether it’s joining furniture, hanging public signage or holding automotive fixtures in place, when and where superior-quality adhesives are called for there’s really no substitute for the bespoke approach. Choosing a bespoke adhesive allows the buyer to determine its properties from top to bottom, including its strength, longevity, compatibility and even how much it will cost. You take your exact needs to the manufacturer and they design the perfect adhesive in accordance – it just makes sense when consistent results matter.

Bespoke Tape and Adhesive – Areas Of Application

So, with this in mind, what kinds of industries and applications rely on custom adhesives day in and day out across the UK?

1 – Marketing

Well, first of all it’s of course, implausible to get out the hammer and nails every time new marketing materials are mounted on wall, boards and all manner of other signage across the country. From point of sale materials to larger wall posters and so many more examples besides, adhesives play a huge role in the marketing exploits of many of the UK’s biggest and most successful brands – most of which turn to custom adhesives for the results they’re looking for at the lowest possible price.

2 – Glazing

Quality adhesives have revolutionised the world of the professional glazer perhaps more than anything else since the invention of double-glazing. The right adhesive can make the glazing process, not only much simpler, but considerably faster and more effective to boot. Bespoke adhesives can be created to tackle glazing jobs of all shapes and sizes, offering the longest-lasting results for the lowest possible prices. Armed with the right adhesive, the modern glazer’s productivity and output can be increased exponentially.

3 – Public Signage

Where and when there’s a call for public signage of any kind, there’s a call for elite-quality bespoke adhesives. It could be anything from an emergency exit sign on a building’s interior to a much larger departmental sign on the exterior of a hospital, but in any and all cases the right adhesive is of paramount importance. And of course, there’s often the need for somewhat more temporary adhesives to be used for temporary signage, which, although strong and capable can be removed with ease when the time comes to do so. All such needs and more can be catered to by a professional custom adhesive produced for the lowest possible price.

4 – Product Assembly

These days, it’s more common than ever for various products and items to be built using strong and capable adhesives than the traditional hammer and nails approach. From wardrobes to garden furniture and right through to larger commercial units, the right adhesive has the potential to streamline the production process enormously. By making the switch to a quality custom adhesive created by a leading brand, assembly becomes a much faster and far simpler process to tackle and can increase output as a result. Costs are reduced, efficiency is increased and product quality takes a step up in the process.

5 – Automotive

It’s often extremely difficult to find an adhesive to use for automotive purposes, that’s not only 100% effective, but guaranteed not to cause any damage in its own right. Whether it’s attaching accessories to the bodywork, carrying out essential repairs or patching up a vehicle’s interiors, the right adhesive can make an otherwise incredibly tricky task a walk in the park. There may be dozens of different types of vehicle glues on the market right now, but in order to get the best results from any job and at the right price, it pays to go to those who specialise in bespoke glue production.

The list goes on, but in every example illustrates just how important the right adhesives are to so many key industry areas. It’s all about improving quality of output while at the same time increasing productivity and keeping costs to a minimum – a unique package of plus points made possible only by the ideal custom-made adhesive.

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