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While applying for any type of loan, you may be unsure about the installments. If you have been keen on availing installment loans, it is best to do some research. Jot down questions that come to your mind regarding such loans. Seek answers to those and get the loan you want in the correct manner.

There are various companies, which provide installment loans online, research about this option as well.

Installment loans are a great help when you are in need of cash. These are those provisions that allow you to pay money gradually and not instantly. So you have time with you to manage your funds. There are some companies/institutions where you may pay the installment before time as well and without an extra charge. This is being mentioned here because some companies do not allow pre payments and impose fine.

Bad Credit

Documents and Related Aspects

There are certain documents without which you may not be granted the loan you want. While applying online, check for these minute details and if you feel confused, try to contact the customer service of the concerned company and get your apprehensions handled.

Upper Limit of Borrowing Loan

The upper limit, the amount you may avail as loan is not more than $5000. Yes! The upper limit comes under the regulatory power of state law, it is best to enquire about it through the bank you have decided on taking the loan from. Also remember, the amount of loan you may avail is linked to the income you earn. Keeping in mind these minute details will help you have better and easy mind.

Difference between Payday and Installment Loan

The time duration within which you may pay the institution back in installment loan is usually longer than the payday. The duration for which you may avail the loan is lesser in payday. These are very minute details, but play a major role when it comes to financial matters like these.

How to get the Loan

Availing installment loans is a matter of minutes. You get an approval within minutes after you apply for it.

Once you send an application, your application is thoroughly checked. If all the information mentioned in the application is right and serves the needed purpose, you may get the money the very next business day.


Things you need while availing the loan you are keen on are mentioned below:-

  • A source of income that is checked and verified
  • A bank account that is open and active
  • A phone number that is working so that bank may contact you
  • An email address to send you the required information
  • You must have the citizenship proof
  • If you are not 21years of age and above, you will not be granted the loan

If you have been wondering about where to go and how to begin the process, the best is to contact Personal Money Store. Staying in touch with them will get you mental peace and easy times. Have hassle free sailing.

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