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Video is no longer a ‘nice to have’ fringe thing for businesses. In fact, it has become an integral channel for communication. It is this dynamically evolving landscape that companies need to invest in. Organizational communication has surfaced as one of the often flawed corners of company infrastructures. Information flowing down from the upper to lower rungs often undergo filtration and scissoring that create communication lag. To beat this, you need a robust communication strategy that involves more of videos, and yes, it is enterprise video.  But what makes the investment worthwhile is a bunch of make-the-most-of strategies. Note down these best practices and diligently apply them in your video communication strategy to achieve greater employee engagement and higher ROIs.

Are You Applying These Best Practices For Enterprise Video?

Use Interactive Content Only

Viewers’ engagement is central to the theme of video communication. However, that will remain unmet if you fail to create interactive videos. Now, interactive may sound a little too vague or far-fetched for starters. So, one thing at a time, it has to be interesting. Even dull boardroom meetings can be spiced up a little with more target-hitting questions and knowledge enriching answers. Lucid language and proper choice of work can change the tone of a video into something worth the time. So, try to keep the event scripted, and preparations should be made beforehand. Practice dry runs should be held weeks ahead so that everybody appearing in the videos and making a comment should look comfortable enough.

Moderators for Town Hall Webcasts

The town hall meetings are not only convened to get certain information out of certain systems. It also needs to have some entertainment value that would keep the viewers interested. Employing a moderator will lend a good touch to the video. You need someone who can cut through the pointless and vague questions and get to the right ones. Since the meeting will be televised later, make sure that you do not have too many people asking the same questions. It might not seem all that irritating on the spot, but watching a video full of hackneyed content can be a pain for the mind.

Director to Executive Speeches

It is nice to hear from those on the top once in a while. Now, you cannot possibly have the CEO of a company come over to the desks of senior executives and new associates for support and motivation. If at all, their physical presence will be intimidating and distracting, not to mean in a negative way. So, a note from the desk of the highest officers in the company is deemed fit to do the job. Only that now you have an EV platform, you can make use of that to create a video for all the executives out there. Letting them know about the progresses in different departments, things that are missing and way to turn the situations for better can be fierily motivating for the people.

Webcast Performance Evaluation

For every webcast you present, you should have an evaluation addendum to it. For that, you will need to get the analytics from the portal. See how many people viewed them, how many watched the videos till the end, which videos got more replay clicks than others. Your chosen video distribution channel takes care of the visibility of the content. The network scanning mechanism that is integrated in the suits identifies the bottlenecks before they slacken down the performances. So, take some time out to measure the success of one webcast in relation to another for future improvement.

Make sure you implement these strategies and others to make the best use of your investment on an enterprise video platform.

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