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Are you looking forward to watch a much awaited online video but suddenly you realize that you would be entangled in some unavoidable project then? So what to do? Well, nothing to worry here as there are online screen capture video software systems today that would enable you to record the online video and save it so that you can watch it later. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is one of the best voted options here when it comes to recording the streaming videos online. Here goes a brief review that would prove that would prove why investing on the Movavi system would be a worthy one.

Product Review: Movavi Screen Capture Studio

First of all, the Movavi software is just a breeze to use. It does not call for anything more than fundamental computi8ng skills and anybody with basic computer knowledge would be able to use it.

Then, the Movavi screen capture software is able to record any sort of online videos. Whether you are looking to download the webinars or some streaming training programs or how-to videos- the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is game with everything. It will even record the Skype calls for you.

Another great bit about the Movavi software is that it allows you to set the recording duration so that you don’t have to leave all your tasks and sit before the recording. In this case, simply enter a recording duration and the software would automatically stop the recording as soon as it reaches up to the recording parameter. You will be able to record the video up to 60 frames per second.

Video editing is a much loved feature of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio.  The in-built video editor here allows you to polish the video with great filters & special effects. If you are looking to get a personalized touch to the recorded video, the video editing tool here would be really handy. Then, there is a video splitter that will enable video trimming and splitting.

Finally, the Movavi video capture software even allows the users to convert the recorded video in multiple major audio and video formats before saving it.

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