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5 Things to Think About When Buying A Motorcycle

A motorcycle, like many other products, requires careful consideration before purchase so that you end up with the type that gives you the value you need. Every company has its pros and cons, every person has their own opinion. But remember that the only opinion that matters to you is yours. Here are some things to consider when buying a motorcycle. 

Your biking needs

Pick the shape and size that will perform the tasks that inspired you to buy a bike, such as commuting to work, weekend rides, or speed.  Standard motorcycles are designed for general purposes and come in various engine sizes. These bikes have an upright riding posture and fewer accessories. Cruisers are large, heavy bikes with comfortable sunken seats and suspension for relaxed rides. They are ideal for tall people. They are not that fast but have adequate power for everyday or weekend trips. 

Touring motorcycles are built for long-distance trips. They are not very fast but have features to achieve comfort for long rides, including wind-blocking fairings, luggage accommodating saddlebags, and a larger fuel tank. Sportbikes are highly tuned engines and firm suspensions to achieve high speed. These motorcycles suit thrill-seekers.

Engine size

The style of a bike is not always equal to power, as many think. Cubic centimeters (CCs) of an engine volume indicates the actual engine size. Starter standard bikes have an engine of 250-300 CCs while the high-powered, high-end bikes exceed 800 CCs. The cost of a motorcycle increases with engine size. It is essential to think about a bike with an engine capacity that will fit your needs.

Seat height

A suitable seat for maximum controls it at a height that allows the feet to fully extend and rest flat on the ground when you sit on the bike. A too high seat leaves you uncomfortable, while one that is too low makes it difficult to steer the bike.


A motorcycle requires insurance before you take it to the road. Start by looking at companies like Quote Buy Ride who has simplified the process to choose an insurance policy that fits your budget, riding habits, and lifestyle. You pay an insurance premium equal to your ride and not a fixed monthly sum that an insurer requires even when you barely ride the motorcycle. Quote buy ride charges a low monthly base according to the type of bike, and the additional cost depends on mileage.


The ergonomics of a motorcycle should fit your body instead of you trying to change and conform. Heavier motorbikes are more stable because they withstand much turbulence from passing vehicles, but you should not buy one that exceeds your muscle power. Buy the weight that makes you comfortable in achieving a stable center of gravity. A good motorcycle allows your feet to reach the ground and the hands to reach handlebars with straining. The weight should not overwhelm you.

A motorcycle is a long-term investment. Plan a budget that accommodates the cost of purchase, safety gear, and subsequent maintenance after considering the above 5 things.

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