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5 Steps For Increasing The Value Of Your Home Before You Try to Sell It

Selling your home could be one of the biggest financial transactions that you ever carry out, and spending a little bit of time getting ready for that process could make that transaction much more profitable. A few small upgrades and renovations can potentially increase your home value by thousands and make it much more tempting to potential buyers.


Research continues to reveal that simply painting your home can increase its value by thousands. If you plan on putting your home on the market in the near future, then you will most likely want to stick to neutral colors. You should also consider painting the inside of your home with lighter colors that will make the rooms appear larger.

Service the Major Appliances

Carrying out some minor maintenance on all of your major appliances is another great way to make your home stand out. When appliances are damaged or inefficient, it could drive away motivated buyers. Some of the appliances you might want to service include the dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine, and HVAC system condenser.

Fix All Plumbing Leaks

Your real estate agent is most likely going to tell you that all plumbing damage should be taken care of well before you sell your home. Luckily, most minor leaks can easily be repaired with some basic supplies and a few inexpensive tools. For major damage, you should contact a licensed plumber who guarantees their work.

Upgrade to Smart Technology

Many modern buyers are only going to be interested in homes that have smart technology. Wireless cameras, remote lighting systems, and other cutting-edge upgrades will make your home stand out and improve its overall appeal. When you are updating those systems, you should consider investing in a smart home security package as well.

Finish Off an Unfinished Basement or Attic

Finishing an attic or basement could greatly increase the usable square footage of your home, and that is going to boost its value. To finish those rooms, you will probably need to add insulation and drywall, paint the walls, and install some outlets. Once the room is complete, you will be able to claim the additional square footage in your listing, and that might attract more buyers.

Your real estate agent will be a valuable asset as you add value to your home. Because of their experience in the industry, they can take a look at your house and tell you which areas you should prioritize for the best ROI. Because they know your home and the market in your area, they’ll have good advice specific to your needs.

In addition to these few upgrades, you should also spend a little bit of time cleaning and decluttering your home. A few hours of cleaning will make your home much more inviting when it comes time to show it to interested parties.

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