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4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Business Facility More Safe and Secure

In order to keep your business’s costs low, it’s a wise idea to make efforts to keep your facility safe and secure. Fortunately, most security precautions are fairly simple and straightforward, meaning that you can increase your facility’s security with minimal investment. To make the most of your investment dollars, it’s good to know ahead of time which improvements make the biggest impact.

Install Mats Near Entry Doors

If your business has a hard-surface floor, there’s always a risk of slips and falls when it’s raining or snowing outside. By installing mats near entry doors, though, you can greatly reduce this risk. The key to using mats effectively is to have a fan to keep them dry on days when it’s especially rainy to ensure the mats don’t become oversaturated with moisture.

Add Perimeter Fencing

To help prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your facility, adding perimeter fencing is key. Commercial fencing comes in all shapes and sizes to ensure you can achieve exactly the level of security that you’re after. If your facility is customer-facing, it’s important that you design your perimeter fencing so that it adds to the appearance of the facility instead of giving the facility the appearance of a prison.

Add Cameras

Keeping customers and employees honest is a key component of keeping your facility secure. One simple way to do this is to install cameras at strategic locations around your facility. By ensuring that the footage from these cameras is recorded, you can be sure that you will be able to prosecute any crimes that occur on your business’s property.

Change The Locks

In the interest of simplicity, some companies configure all of the locks in their facility to be opened with the same key. Unfortunately, if the wrong person finds one of these keys, it could cause great harm to your business. That’s why it’s wise to key various locks differently so that you can more easily control who has access to certain areas in your facility. Plus, if someone leaves the company without returning their keys, this approach will reduce the number of locks you have to replace to protect your facility.

While you can spend an endless sum of money to improve your facility’s security, it’s unlikely that you have the budget for such an approach. Therefore, rather than addressing every security risk, it makes sense to start with simple steps to improve your facility’s safety and security until you can be confident in the measures you have in place. Then, as you discover new risks, you will have the funds available to respond to them before they cause damage to your business.

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